You know you are winning when…

thousands of hours of practice finally puts you at the starting line. you have done all that can be done, and even those that seemed couldn’t. You were ready, more than ready, in fact, you were ready the day you put on the team shirt 10 years ago.

however, standing in line beside are people who looked like they were as ready as you, maybe even more.

there is no telling how this will end, perhaps there’s no way to know the outcome.

maybe it all comes down to luck.

focus on yourself, you said as you pushed these thoughts away.

the horn sounded.

everyone burst forward.

at the same pace.

there’s no holding back now.

the seconds ticked fast and you were almost nearing the finish line. you can’t help but to look at the corner of your eyes.


everyone is still there.

your heart sank as you know you can’t go any faster or you might pass out before the finishing line.

as you felt your heart sank, your body subconsciously dropped your pace.

a deadly mistake.

it’s a goner, you thought.

as swift as this thought came, it went away.

all the other people suddenly slowed down as you dropped your pace.

And you saw it again from the corners of your eyes.

they are passing out too, you thought to yourself. you quickly picked up the pace and cleared your thoughts.

to your amusement, the rest followed and caught up in line with you.

“they were looking at me all these while!”

suddenly, you thought they all looked much more tired than you are. and you put it to the test.

you dropped your pace again, but this time, intentionally.

it worked. everyone else slowed down too.

and, it’s time to win.

you floored your gas and this time, none caught up.



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At the end of a storm
There’s a golden sky
And the sweet silver song of a lark

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