What do you feel or think about when you see the word work?

Excitement? Passion? Money? Meh? Depressed? God no it’s Monday again?

Most of us spend about 80% of our active lifetime at work. That is if you disregard sleep time.

We spend most of our time interacting with our colleagues, our clients, our bosses.

We spend more time looking at our boss, our colleagues’ faces, even our phone than our children’s and spouse’s.

We have drastically more conversation, speak more amount of words to people at work or people involving in our work than to our family.

It is arguably the biggest part or most important part of our lives. Our Work Family.

It is in many ways unthinkable to need to spend most of our time away from things we care more about if we do not care as much about our work or have immense passion in what we do.

Lets ask ourselves a few questions:

  • Do we look forward to seeing and talking to our colleagues, bosses or clients?
  • Do we feel excited to be working on our project now?
  • Am I on a mission or on a routine?

So the critical question to ask ourselves is which and what kind of work family do we want to dedicated our lives to? How would one feel, behave and perform at work if there is drastic incongruency? How does this affects upstream and downstream?

How does this work dedication or “dis-dedication” leads to the kind of products/services that businesses offer? And interestingly, how will it gradually reflect in its consumer following.

The most valuable resource in the world is time. The one that uses time with passion and love will be rewarded with the dedication of other’s time.


Thank you for reading.

~ 先領頭、后跟從

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