Unconventional Tale of Rabbit vs Tortoise

The classic tale of the Hare vs the Tortoise where slow and steady always wins the race.

Given a choice to you, if both of them are companies to invest in, which will you choose? The confident speedy Hare or the slow and steady Tortoise?

You know the answer yourself as conventional wisdom and media propaganda already had deep roots entrenched in everyone of us.

However, this entrenchment of a classic moral story may act against us when picking exceptional winners.

The Rabbit Wins

The moral tale should not be applied to every single aspects as it only tells a very specific scenario where the tortoise wins.

The overconfident hare took a break and slept while the tortoise continued diligently.

Take a look at a computer chip company which had global dominance market share for the past decades fall off in innovation and losing to tortoises year after year recently.

However, what about all the other Rabbits that chose not to take a nap?

The Diligent Rabbit Wins

Talent always beat hard work if the talent is hard working.

The Jordans, the Beckhams in each of their industries.

Caliber of a Hare with the diligence of the Tortoise.

They are truly incredibly rare and hard to find and that’s where patience comes in.

The Rabbit that got slapped and Woke Up

While it is extremely difficult to change a Rabbit personality. It is very possible for management team to change, CEOs to take over. And when there are existing potential, capability and resources, a change in top management and leadership steering the direction of the company may very well lead to an overall victory nonetheless.

However, it is often difficult to slap a tortoise to make it go faster and win the race.

And of course, if a Rabbit has been sleeping for far too long, the Rabbit might have already lost its muscular structure and had grown way to fat even if it had woken up and try to continue the race.


Thank you for reading.

~ 規矩定方圓

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