The World Without

How lovely would it be if we could stop all the Ads around us? These useless, spam, annoying advertisements that clutter my news, makes me scroll more to find my friend’s post, disrupt my videos. No matter how many adblock we install, they will find a way in and onto our computer, phone and not to mention traditional media on the TV, Walls or the Papers (who reads this anyway?)

Fortunately, we have a number of initiatives and companies/startup tackling this issue. How to reduce the need for companies to depend on Ad revenue so they can stop blasting us with Ads or at least blast us with less Ads.

Wouldn’t it be great? We could just pay a small amount of money to the content creators or platforms so that we don’t see ads? How about blockchain technology such that this monetization is automated and the consumer will not even feel the pain of subscribing with real money? This will give much better and fairer ground to budding content creators.


May I know after spending millions of dollars coming up with a better monetization other than depending on serving Ads and now these content providers no longer need to serve any Ads to be financially sustainable, how does these content creators get their word out to get their consumers/audience?


The truth of the fact is that most of these “stop ads” initiatives are just creating a new/better Monetization method for the content creators. They are not fixing the Ads problem. The fact is, there are already tonnes of options for content creators to monetize their content apart from displaying Ads. Subscription model, Donation model, Merchandise model, etc.

None of these provide an answer on how does the content provider reach out to new consumers then?

Instead of spending millions into innovating more monetization model, why not focus on SERIOUSLY making Ads better?

It is not about having Ads or totally removing Ads. It is about having good Ads or bad Ads and the distribution of it.

We are mostly bias against Ads as we see alot of bad ones, Daily. Spam, Scam, things that we are not interested in and do not care about.

But lets not forget that Ads serve a very important purpose when used right.

How would I get to know that this event had came to Singapore for my kids to catch it or that there’s a current promotion going on for it?

My favorite artist is here finally!! (Probably his last time here due to age)

Many more examples of how Ads keep us better “informed” about things that we care about and to some extend even save us time and money.

Ads when used right makes communicating to consumers more efficient and effective.

Imagine a world without Ads. How much more costly would it be for businesses to push out their products? How much more costly would it be for events to get attendees? And where would all these cost be passed on to?

Do you have a favorite advertisement that you like? Have you ever benefited in some way from an advertisement shown to you?

The truth is, we consumers stand to benefit from good targeted Ads which we are interested in or care about.

As we seek to make the world a better place, let us not be mindless in seeking to kill things we need instead of constructively improving them.


Thank you for reading.

~ to master the art, one must first master the heart

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