The shoe shaver

Why some companies are always miles ahead of the others? Seemingly unable to catch no matter how much R&D is spent, capex is used or talents acquired. Why are fanatical users or customers so fanatical about a product that seemed easily replaceable and replicated?

Why does Mcdonald’s always have massive queues in its lines? I can definitely make burgers that are a ton better than Macs! I can sell it cheaper too! More people should like fried chicken better, and I make the best tasting chicken in the world, more people should come to me!

How does Wizards of the Coast kept their card game going for more than 25 years? I can make a much better looking game! My game mechanics is a lot smarter, my game is more fun! Wizard’s game is still physical paper format, mine is online, more people should buy my game!

How did Apple killed Nokia, Blackberry and basically all other phone makers? Why couldn’t these giants make a come back with their better phones and newer versions to keep up with the competition?

Why this simple easy fried rice stall has so many customers? Aren’t they just selling fried rice? It is as simple as just opening another stall beside theirs, provide more choices (Wok Hey only has 4, Egg, Shanghai, Ramen, Udon), cook better than their temp chefs, simple.


So, why?




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