The Dark Horse’s Game

How do most dark horses win?

Facing up international champions, worldwide dominance, superiority in almost every aspect of the game.

Simple, you don’t play their game. Make them play yours.

In the case of the above classic, as long as you could drag out the rounds, you have a chance, a better chance. You force the champion who is used to winning in early rounds into unfamiliar territories. You on the other hand, is accustomed to being beaten, being tired, well used to taking pain and injuries. You have now leveled the playing field, on your terms.

In the final rounds, every step and every punch you throw brings tremendous pain. But, a miraculous phenomenon happened. You find yourself moving faster than the champion now, and your punches getting harder. No, you actually move the same, it’s the champion’s steps which became slower and their punches softer.

Suddenly, the odds are in your favor, you could win. As confidence streamed in, it is rapidly depleting from the side of the champion.

You now see the champion throwing punches that he is not used to. Keeping distance to match yours. Moving to your rhythm. You now easily weaved yourself out of punches that you couldn’t before.

Your time is now.


Thank you for reading.

~ “you brought us into this, you lead us out”

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