The Best Secrets

Many of us pursue the chase of uncovering secrets, hidden formulas, success techniques. If we could learn and obtain these, we would be on our fast track to success, to build a bigger business, to essentially win.

A young apprentice once asked the grand master: “I have learned from you for many years, why can’t I yet beat you? What secret techniques have I yet to learn?”

“you are chasing techniques, while I am practicing”

A more relatable example is to look at all the martial art videos available on the internet, Youtube, Facebook. Almost all of the techniques have already been documented, filmed and are free to watch.

How are people still willing to pay for classes?

In hopes of learning secret techniques that are yet to be revealed?

One of the most highly guarded secrets: The Coca Cola Recipe.

If we had the chance to learn/ obtain this secret, would we be successful?

Will we be able to replicate success even with the most important information in our hands?

Is Tesla out of their minds to open their patents? What are the true secrets of this Tesla company?

What kind of company or business would you like to have? A company that could only survive on its closely guarded secrets or something much more?


Thank you for reading.

~ Learning without Practicing keeps you at zero

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