Secret Recipe

There are two types of businesses. One that thrives with a closely guarded secret and the other that shows it off.

That’s crazy! Why would any business show off its setup, operations, preparation and executions? Wouldn’t a competitor just copy it?

Why would a martial art teacher teach his class openly? Couldn’t anyone just stand and watch from the sides and learn all the techniques?

Because if a competitor spent 100 days copying my techniques, I have already practiced 100 days.

Are your companies focusing their efforts to guard “secrets” or are they focusing their time on honing their skills?

“Secrets techniques” can be overthrown/ out-maneuvered overnight. Skills are hard to surpass.

Which is the real moat?

Are companies trying all they could to protect their moat? (sounds ridiculous right?) Or are they working to make their moat (which strengthens the business) deeper, wider and more treacherous for competitors who dare to try?


Thank you for reading.

~ minimizing short term risks at the expense of maximizing long term benefits is the worst thing any founder can do

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