Something that is part and parcel of how businesses sell their products. If you were to sell your products to your customers, how would you present it? What is the thought process of presenting it the way that you do?

Not just in the presentation of an advertisement like the one above, but down to the actual product. (Macs might be a bad example as often the actual product does not come very close as advertised)

But nonetheless, think of the “presentation effort” on how Macs show off their products on the menu, on their self-served ordering kiosks and on their advertisements.

Albeit they “overdid it”, the purpose is to more or less show you the “contents” of what you will be getting. The meat, the cheese, the lettuces, the mayo, the pickles! (yes if you look close enough you can see 2 slices of pickles in the picture above)

So, as a consumer, you would more or less understand what kind of burger you would be getting.

Quick Test!

Without knowing the name of this new burger, I can tell from the picture that more or less, I will be getting 2 pieces of what looks like Beef, coated with black pepper sauce (I see black pepper flakes), some onions all served between a long sesame bun.

Thus, with such a “presentation” I would be able to make somewhat an informed decision if I would like to purchase this item even if I have not eaten it before.

So…. what would you do if you are trying to sell a phone that cost you some hundreds of dollars?

To my surprise, most of the display models presented at the local telcos just ain’t done very well. The above images shows Samsung, Huawei and Google Pixel. For some reasons, these are all android phones.

All I can see or try on these are mostly their native apps or a very limited amount of apps. (by native I meant Calendar, SMS, Camera, Web Browser, Clock, Maps) Samsung fares a little better with a quarter page of games and utility apps that I can try out.

In contrast, the iPhone display section just beside had one of the iPhone running a racing car game showing off its high resolutions.

And as I scroll through the other iPhones beside it, there were about 2 pages of non-native apps that I could try out.

Staying at the shop for a little bit and I could see kids playing and spending longer time at the iPhone section. Playing games, drawing using some cool drawing app, making music and generally fun stuffs along these lines.

And I thought to myself, WOW… How important product presentation ought to be!

Certainly, I am very sure that all the other android phones are capable of doing or even exceeding what iPhones can do. And I am also very sure that most of these apps are available in the Google Play store as well.

Are these instructions from Apple to install their display phones with all these apps so people could try them out?

Why are almost none of the android phones on display doing the same? Is it a telco problem, if so, why did the telcos do more for Apple products? Did consumers install these? (highly doubt so as password is required for installation of apps)

Most importantly, can we break away from all the noise clutter and observe what is happening on the ground?

Is Apple trying harder to sell or doing a better job at presentation? Or has android phones came to a point that they do not need such “presentation” to sell their products anymore?

Thank you for reading

~ be water my friends

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