Overdo First

Mastering a skill takes a significant amount of time. Your force, structure, angle, sensitivity all takes countless practice before you are able to fully control and understand your opponent.

And one of the ways to start practicing and get your level of understanding up is to overdo your techniques first. This way, you can quickly gather feedbacks as you can “feel” more from your practice partner.

As we all start from novice level, it is often difficult to detect or fully appreciate the correct techniques as we are usually not sensitive enough. Intentionally overdoing techniques creates loopholes, errors and greater force feedback that you can then realize, act on and finally comprehend the right use for your own application.

Practicing right out from the start using minimal force, perfect machine precision isn’t wrong. But it would usually take a very talented person to fully master it that way and the rest of us may never fully understand why that angle must be at X degrees.

Now, apply it to why some decisions were made in the global economic climate and businesses.


Thank you for reading.

~ often, the last step to getting it perfect, is to get it wrong

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