Meaningful Work

Does the management (the human-looking beings) you invest with place your interests at heart, or are they there just to make more fame, power and money for themselves?

Better yet, do they attempt to show and tell you that they always place your interests first, and yet seem to do something else altogether?

Whenever it comes to decision making, do they take the easy route in justifying why they should first side with their interests, or do they take the proper route in taking care of minority shareholders & customers, even if it means going against their own interests?


Looking beyond the literal translation which may sometimes get mistaken by modern go-getters, Dr Sun Yat Sen’s advice to his people was to do something meaningful with our lives rather than be in a blind pursuit of fame, power or money.

蔡禮旭老師, Mr Tsai Li Xu, one of the more prominent Neo-Confucianism teachers of our time, further shares the deeper meaning which is to do meaningful work and be of service to worldly issues, society and families, and in the process pass down an improved world and something of value to the next generation; and not to waste our time chasing temporary gratification that does not define a legacy.

汉学可以修身,齐家,治国,平天下。 汉学可以让事业越做越成功。
The application of traditional values and teachings can lead to healthier body, wholesome family, holistic governance and world peace. It can bring sustained success to businesses.
Mr Tsai Li Xu

We prefer to associate ourselves with management who understands this and choose to live their lives in pursuit of something bigger than themselves, something more than what money can bring. This statement is in full recognition of the positive impact that more resources bring – more organic cash flow means more resources can be directed to do more meaningful work and add more meaningful value to customers.

We look for the X-Factor that is more than just this understanding of the need to make more money sustainably.

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In the final fifteen minutes of this video, Mr Tsai Li Xu shared the practical insights as to how embracing and practising such values can lead to improved organic operations in businesses, he casually shared how a listed company’s founding chairman practices this approach to life and in the process uplifted his employees, who through their profound sense of ownership of their company and their role, uplifted the industry and society, adding immense value beyond the usual dollars and cents.

I will just casually hint that the prior portions of this video is even more important. 🙂 _/|\_

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