Love with Hate

The constant pursue for the perfect product is never ending. There isn’t one and thus there will always be competition, and thus options for consumers.

And to be frank, there will never be one.

So how should businesses pursue this “perfect” product?

Let just use a cliche example to ease the discussion.

Apple iPhone vs all others.

Worse camera: To create a product that clearly everyone and I meant EVERYONE will like it, definitely Apple must include a better camera! It has been lagging behind in its camera system ever since the first version was launched. Never had the iPhone exceeded its competitors in terms of megapixels. If Apple’s competitors can come up with a camera that clearly is in demand by users, why is Apple not doing it? Surely no one will complain if their phone had more megapixels?

Restricted control: Now who owns the phone? You or Apple? I can’t even change the look of my dashboard, I can’t drag my music and videos in and out easily of my phone, I can’t make my phone ring the tune that I like. That’s horrendous! And one of the biggest reasons why people do not like the iPhone. Sure Apple had some sense to make it’s iOS control/restrictions slightly more consumer friendly?

Design: Its the same old iPhone shape and look (almost) for the past 10 years! I’m kinda getting bored with it.

All these are fairly simple to implement and if Apple would like to capture more market share (or regain some), these are the MUST DOs.

But.. if it did. It would then, have really failed.

As much as people dream of having the one best product in the world that everyone will love and not choose another, it does not exist or it would not be affordable.

The best what businesses can do, is to make a product that everyone like not but hate.

But a product is truly fantastic when it is dearly loved by one and hated by another.

As we are all bounded by limited resources, and time being one of them, choice is the solution. And it’s an important one.

By focusing on creating a product that no one will hate, eventually very few people will love it as time and resources are constantly being used to patch design or features so that the product is good enough for everyone. What usually turns out in the end, is a Frankenstein product that could do or resemble every other thing but unable to do any one of it well.

By laser focusing on designing a product that would be loved by many but may also be hated by the rest, you serve the people that you are meant to serve and you serve them to your limits.

So the question is, as businesses pursue the never ending creation and innovation of the perfect product, it is perfect for whom?


Thank you for reading.

~ to pursue everything is to pursue nothing

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