Live Your Truth

To the aspiring heartful entreprenuers, the inspiring owner founders, the professional with owners’ mindset – Thank you for being an inpiration to us.

Thank you for your living your truth, thank you for climbing your mountain.

May you draw inspirations from Kyle Maynard to keep moving forward, one step at a time.

For fellow investors, what does the management of your portfolio companies stand for – why do they exist? How does the business contribute to society?

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Credit to Goalcast for the video and transcript:

What your disability is, what your challenges are, what your excuses are – it doesn’t matter.

There’s never been an excuse that we’ve ever uttered that has gotten us any closer to where we want to go with our lives.

It’s not about taking on 50 things at once, it’s about taking on maybe 1 or 2, and how differently could we improve all our lives here if we actually got in action and did something about that.

It is to find your mountain.

Your why.

Your truth. 

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