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Just 100% plain vanilla sustainable value investing.

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Jackson Yeow, CFA, is an equity researcher, an investor and the founder of Light Asset.
Previously with a boutique fund, Jackson gained invaluable experience and insights in investment analysis and portfolio management.

Global uncertainties caused by trade tariffs, increasing interest rates and monetary tightening policies..

How should investors allocate their monies given the assumed foundation of capital markets is being shaken? We see long-time blue-chip high-yield companies get shaken to their core, while on the other extreme, highly valued companies gets priced up to 50x, 100x Price-Earnings valuations and beyond.

Could these highly valued companies’ valuations be corrected? Should fellow investors focus on beaten-down companies?

Our Winning Strategy

  • Avoid Investment Timebombs
  • Invest in Honest and Driven Management that Strives to Do Good
  • Identify Mis-Priced High Quality Companies

Case Study 1

Overlooked F&B business returned more than 225% from June 2016 to July 2017.

This commonly overlooked F&B business can be found in neighbourhood food courts and had long been brushed aside as a fad of the past.

In June 2016, we highlighted their new food segment was growing fast, as seen in the top picture with the long queues for their food. This new segment provided a strong boost to their organic growth. Moreover, the market over-reacted and re-rated their valuation up as well, hence the stratospheric price now.

Case Study 2

This company is up about 100% from May 2017 to February 2018.

While its peers sought to do “interesting” mergers and acquisitions to hype up their presence (valuations and share price?), this food condiment company sought after mastery in their products, and consumers voted with their wallets because they simply cannot argue with their taste buds – i know because we tasted their food! Investors, meanwhile, voted with their money too.

At this point, its valuation is still reasonable and at a stark discount to its peers. The out-performance is due to 1) significant organic growth and 2) better-than-expected results. i believe their best years are still ahead of them with one new segment growing well after years of investments.

Food condiment research in an Asian supermarket in one of Europe's Chinatown.

This forms the basis of my investment method – investing in high quality companies that grow, ground-up, despite volatile economic and political issues. i believe it is ever more important to invest in high quality businesses amidst this raging market.

Case Study 3

This company is up some 67% from March 2017 to July 2018.

In March 2017, i made a presentation to a close group of friends on why i think this unique experiential company will double in 3-5 years, despite the volatility i was observing then, and even though the company has just reached its all time high. Immediately after that presentation, the price came down some 10%.

Subsequently, due to their improved performance and management’s aligned capabilities, their operating income improved by more than 50%, and investors started rewarding them.

Trade Tariffs? NKorea Nuclear Threat? Increased Interest Rates?

Yes, these are important macro factors; And yes, there are more critical factors to consider when investing in the public markets, the important thing is to learn them before you invest with your hard earned money.

Avoid investment traps, avoid management who clearly do things that are unaligned with you, avoid those short term hype and fad.

Identify those high quality businesses, management with integrity and who would stand by your long-term interests, invest in real value-adding businesses.

Lifelong Assets 2-Day Training

Lifelong Investors

If you are an investor who is curious by nature and believe in equipping yourself with updated knowledge so you understand what is happening in the capital markets and thus make grounded investment decisions, then you are in for a treat.

Over a two days course with real life case studies, we will share with you what are the basic building blocks of a long-term sustainable compounder so you learn how to separate the wheat from the chaff, the true gems from the false hypes.

Day One, 10am – 6pm

Learn to systematically sift out critical information on whether a business is real or a cloaked investment trap.

  • Tell-tale metrics you can use to sieve out these mis-managed companies.
  • How to investigate into these less than obvious signals and avoid falling into traps.

Protect your assets, stop giving it to management who may mis-use them.

How to apply an ACIDS test to know management better and if they are aligned with you

  • Systematically breakdown the qualitative factors of the management.
  • Learn how to select only those that will and want to take care of their minority shareholders.
  • Quickly discern companies with high quality management from the poor ones.
  • Spot both growth and sustainability just from looking at management.

Partner only capable management with integrity who wants to grow your assets alongside theirs.

Day Two, 10am – 6pm

Learn to see the absolute truth by looking at a company’s historical numbers

  • Live case studies on how high-quality companies grow sustainably through challenges and times of crisis
  • Uncover prudent management and sustainable growth through numbers alone
  • Observe, rate and compare between companies

Numbers don’t lie, observe how past actions may lead a business into doom or bolster its growth.

How to evaluate companies across industries

  • Learn the ways to valuate companies and spot undervalued ones
  • Benchmarking and comparison
  • Learn what makes a company a 10 bagger? (10x organic growth in market cap)
  • Learn how to re-align your interests with management’s so that you are in control of how much relative risks you would like to take

Combine quantitative and qualitative research to uncover multi-bagger companies.

Observing the smallest details that are hidden to the normal consumer's eyes; this commercial refrigerator brand is growing well in Southeast Asia.

“In this evolving point in human consciousness, it is ever more critical to collectively avoid cloaked investment traps and invest in high quality companies run by honest management who choose to grow our assets alongside theirs on a decades-long basis, at reasonable valuations.” – Jackson Yeow

This course is designed for investors with a broad range of experience. Sophisticated investors will be able to appreciate the sharing at a deeper level and apply their new skills to fine-tune their portfolio while new investors will gain critical insights that will empower them through the vicissitudes of the capital markets, before taking their first steps.

In order for you to learn the most out of the course, please come prepared with questions you might have in the field of investing, so we might address them as a class.

Lifelong Asset 2-Day Class

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We received a lot of inquiries since the launch of our Lifelong Assets private classes and we would love to share more with the community. Hence we have decided to open this class to the public.

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Date: 7th & 8th March 2020

Time: 10am – 6pm (Attendance taking starts at 9:30am)

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Fee: SGD $500.00/ pax

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