Boss Mentality

Year end is coming, most people will be pondering their next financial milestone: promotion, pay increment, bonus. Exciting period and yet, many will face anxiety, nervousness and maybe even fear. Bonus so little, no promotion, pay increase like no increase. “Work so hard also no use.” It’s not just an individual mentality problem, it’s a […]

I m possible

吓死宝宝。 Shocked. Several months ago, when Huey Yei and i attended a conference, we shared with a new friend about the intriguing case of Fast Retailing sailing upwards by 70% while the Dow Jones, S&P 500, Nasdaq, Nikkei 225, Hang Seng, STI, and pretty much any global indices one can think of, all crashed by […]

backward analysis

There are many selling points for a product and identifying the right selling point to the right consumer group is probably one of the most critical factor to determine success. Lets talk cake. The taste, the price, the look all plays a part in selling cakes. Different cake vendors may focus on a different part […]

As Expected

As expected, if they keep doing what they are doing and nothing else change… Big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, there are many sophisticated formulas on predicting outcomes and results. 90%, 99%, 1% success rate. But too frequently, the results takes drastic turns and ended in a completely different way. How could a 99% rate […]

Pricing Power, Value Virtue.

West meets East. Pricing Power vs Value Virtue. Continuing on from the first part of the “East, West, Forward.” series, “Western” business/ investing concepts has always enamoured the idea of Pricing Power, with some famed investors singling it out as the most important factor for a business to achieve success, especially during not-so-easy times. If […]