Hunting a Rabbit

It seems like for thousand of years, the Rabbit is go-to animal for discussion on various subjects.

We must have heard countless moral stories involving some sort of rabbits or hare and yet, we find ourselves constantly seeing people falling into the same mentality traps.

A young villager once saw a hunter shot an arrow over 50metres and killed a rabbit. The hunter then walked over to pick up his dinner for his family.

The young villager was from a foraging village that only foraged fruits and plants for food and thought how great it would be if he also could hunt rabbits to feed his village just like the hunter.

Determined, he begged the hunter to teach him how to hunt rabbits.

The hunter accepted the young villager as his student and told him to find the best tree he could, chop it down to start making a bow.

The bow wasn’t great and so the student spent a month making bows after bows and didn’t hunt a single rabbit.

Next, the hunter told the student to make some arrows. Again, for 30 days the student made arrows after arrows without knowing how to hunt rabbits.

Finally, the day came when the hunter taught him how to draw his bow and shoot an arrow. However, The hunter tied an apple on a tree branch and swung it. And he said, “if you can hit the apple by noon time, you can go hunt rabbits, if you can’t your punishment is to go watch the rabbits till night time at their watering hole but you must not catch them.”

The student tried and tried and ended up just watching the rabbits day after day, weeks after weeks.

Half a year of rabbit watching went by and finally the student shot the swinging apple out of the sky. Elated, the student took the apple with an arrow through it and went running to his village showing them what he did.

Upon seeing the bow, the arrows the student made and the apple with an arrow through it, the elders of the foraging village were furious and smacked the student for being so ignorant.


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