How to Win

At each level of competition in any field, these are the critical factors that affect each level or the factor that determined the outcome of the competition.

Level 1: If everyone starts out equal, at the lowest level, the one with talent usually wins.

Level 2: When talents are equal, the one with better trained skill wins.

Level 3: When skills and talents are equal, we should now look at tactics.

Level 4: When all else are equal, and both sides understands each other’s tactics, the one with the stronger Will wins.

I call this the problematic model of competition.

In practical use cases, we will find that there is no such thing as “if all else is equal”. Talents are not equal, skills are not equal, tactics and etc..

And parties have to find ways to compensate for their lack of each factors.

If they are lacking talent, they might focus on improving their skills and experience to make up for it.

If skill is not up to par with competition, tactics might be deployed to stand toe to toe and buy time for skill to catch up.

And of course, the mother of all miracle turnarounds where parties thought they can use pure will to push through everything and often failed horribly. (that’s why they are called miracles)

Understanding which level the party you are supporting is in will provide you an alternative insight on what they are trying to do and how are they up against the competition. Are they trying to deploy futile tactics to make up for their lack of skills and talents? Are they in a position to overwhelm competition regardless of tactics and will? Or are they dangerously hanging on a thread with only will power?


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