Heavenly Edge

i was at an event over the past week, fervently learning as the trainer shared his invaluable experience.

and when it came time for a break, i could not help but notice this product that was staring at me all the time:

so i walked around observing the shoes of all the participants around me, expecting to find the usual “market share” or breakdown, but was very surprised to find 0 (zero, 零) Nike, 13% wearing Adidas, 7% New Balance, 3% Skechers, and 3% Vans; while this brand was at a staggering 40% “market share”. Yes, i have a weird hobby, please humour me.

Yet when we looked at the valuations of the company, it is at a stark contrast to Nike and Adidas (both at all time highs and absolute highs).

A well respected sophisticated investor once asked me “how do we buy Mao Shan Wang durians at 3-for-$20 prices – when everybody knows the real value, why would high-quality businesses be selling for cheap?”

Fair question, assuming everybody knows how to spot and value quality, or that the market is efficient.

But sometimes the answer is just staring at you in the face.


You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart. Jeremiah 29:13

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