This week we were honoured and privileged to be invited by Advisory to share our experience in the finance industry with the aspiring students of Hwa Chong Institution, who took time out of their critical mugging season to interact with us. We were greatly inspired by the humility and clean charisma of our fellow speakers who each have many years of on-the-ground experience.

We are very grateful to the Singapore education system which has given us so much knowledge, exposure and skills; it is only right that we contribute our time and energy to our youths.

Their questions were tough and they got a sense of some of the stuff that is happening in the industry, both good and not-so. i only wished that some large and dependable figures in the industry could be in the room to hear their questions.

These are some of our brightest minds and they work doubly hard, the youngest participant was 13 years young.

These are the leaders of our future, and i hope our humble sharing inspires them to receive their Life mission and to serve with their hearts along with their great minds.

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