Functional Products

There are many types of products produced/ invented by millions of companies. Some stood the test of time, some don’t. Companies constantly have to outthink and outdo competitor’s products or their own products to survive in the market.

Many hope to lure consumers with marketing prowess, promotion lures but few could retain loyal customers in mass numbers.

Which is the one item that someone must have in their garage rack? Which item does not need advertisement, promotion nor any fancy packaging? Which item just works no matter what any time every time?

How about this? Hopefully companies do not abuse the product brand in the future which was invented for good.

What are the products that focus on driving sales compared to the products which are focused on meeting needs and providing solutions?

When a business is focused on producing functional products and reinventing functional products, they often find themselves being chased by consumers instead of chasing consumers.

“please come up with your next product soon!”


“please buy our latest product!”

Lastly, enjoy how a simple block of wood becomes a functional stool that can hold >10X its weight without nails, screws or additional parts.

Thank you for reading

~ 草魂

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