Flavour and Fervour of Life

Have you ever wondered why a “common business” that serve “common dishes” can thrive?

By conventional wisdom we may say that these businesses have no “economic moat”. In theory that seems true.

In practice, however, we see some “common businesses” thrive while some others do not.

How is it that locals willingly pay a premium for a “$2.50” traditional breakfast that they can find in any coffeeshops? Aren’t they all just the same?

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A heartfelt experience at Yakun.

Of course, we know that the “common” dishes served at Yakun is not so common afterall, and there are some subtle differences here and there, each nudging the customer to come back again; as our Thai friends put it, it’s “same same but different.”

Was at a Yakun coffee stall and enjoyed my experience there, and saw this inspiring and heartfelt poem written by the family owners. I felt that the franchisees and staff truly live to this guiding principle.

Maybe it is more important to ask ourselves how do we feel when we are ordering our food in future; what’s our experience or is it just another “impatient transaction?”; are the food prepared sincerely or is it just another “fast order?”

It’s the little daily things that make all the differences in Life.

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