Fanatical Fanployees

What’s better than fanatical fans who goes all out of their ways to queue up for your products and services?

Fanatical Fanployees.

When the people you work with day in day out still queues up for the products they produce, you know something is definitely going right. Lets keep in mind that these are the people who know the inner workings and know how were the products being made.

How each chip was assembled, how every bean is cooked, how each soda was bottled.

In contrast, when your employees do not even use or consume the products that the company produce, it sends a very big signal.

People do not just simply get tired of something that they are extremely passionate about.

1960s. President John F Kennedy visited NASA space center and noticed a janitor cleaning fervently. He decided to stop and asked what was the janitor doing?

In reply, the janitor said, “I am helping to put a man on the moon.”

Do you see a distinct level of fanaticism among employees of the companies you watch? Or are there signs of internal opposition?


Thank you for reading.

~ 生き甲斐

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