Dull the Kitchen Knife

The sharper the knife is, the more dangerous it is. To be safe, do not buy knives that are too sharp as we may cut ourselves when using it.

Say this to a chef and the chef will laugh out loud.

To a chef, the duller the knife is, the more dangerous it is to be used. A dull knife does not cut as intended accurately and precisely. A slip of the knife will mean one less finger for the chef. There’s only such thing as a sharpening stone (Whetstone), I’ve never seen a dulling stone in a kitchen.

Simply, a dull knife leads to more tool/machine error which us, the operator have little control over.

So, why would people then think differently? Why do people feel safer if knives are more dull?

Should knife manufacturers then produce duller knives as compared to sharper knives?

Slip of the hand vs slip of the knife.

Blame the knife or blame the hand?


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