Determined Finisher

Long-Term Winner Award

A second-generation healthcare service business which was founded by Mr K more than 60 Years ago amidst extreme economic conditions.

The foundation of this unique healthcare specialist was laid decades ago when Mr K’s mother passed away when he was just 18 months young. Due to the financial hardships the family was going through, his father decided to entrust him to a nearby monastery where he grew up through his formative years, and only returned home when he was 7 years young.

Subsequently, Mr K was “diagnosed” with tuberculosis at age 13 and was quarantined for 18 months.

However, a subsequent health check one and a half years later found that it was a misdiagnosis! Young Mr K was furious and sad, and felt that his life was wasted due to the poor quality of healthcare service and equipment then. At a tender age of 15, he made a resolve that day that no human should ever have to be affected like he was due to a careless misdiagnosis.

Later on, while continuing his night classes studying biomedical science in a local university, he worked onsite in the epidemic prevention department of a Public Health Institute, where he would garner medical knowledge and hone his inspection skills.

Mr K

After a brief stint at a bio-medical company, Mr K founded a bloodbank business in 1955, their starting point. The initial decade was tumultuous as the company was small and unknown so many hospitals refused their services. But nothing could compare to the decision made by the government to appoint Red Cross as the de facto blood bank in order to standardise and improve the healthcare service standards in the country. That knocked the breath out of Mr K and he went out of business overnight.

Undeterred, Mr K pursued to provide other healthcare services and finally succeeded in purchasing his own equipment to provide critical healthcare service for hospitals. After more than 60 years, this company is today the largest and most efficient healthcare service business in its domestic market.

Mr K Junior

Mr K Junior: We are the only one with a nationwide integrated IT backbone which allows our services to be unified, standardised, and allows us to service our clients within a day.

On top of that, we operate world class automated machines to do the sorting and dispensing work to handle 12,000 varieties per hour. No one else comes close to our volume, no one else is as integrated with their long-term clients as we are.

Our work moving forward includes going into indirect healthcare services, like the FMCG, F&B, and environment services industry, where our collective biomedical technology knowhow and economy of scale will allow us to provide better services to our new clients.

Even if you fall, you will gather the strength to get up over and over again, our founder’s strong spirit is inherited by everyone.

Graph updated August 2018

Healthcare Service Specialist returned more than 30% over the past year, and we believe their best years are still ahead as Mr K Junior who had been with the business for more than 2 decades continue to focus on their core strengths and grow the business organically. In fact, should the trade tariffs spark a financial crisis, we believe the company will grow stronger!

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