David vs Goliath

Top 6 Choices reported by CNN. Source: Vox.

Who will be the big winner in the upcoming US elections? If you followed CNN, these are the top 6 choices they want you to see.

i was for the past several months intrigued by this candidate in the 2020 US election and have been following the progress made so far.

The interesting thing is you hardly see this name through traditional media and publishers. It is as though someone has purposefully ordered a blackout on this candidate.

And yet, against these odds, he has recently leaped into existence into 6th position in the polls. And once people saw him, they cannot unsee him anymore – they simply have to acknowledge him.

Uniting the People.

Yes, i’m referring to Andrew Yang, the American born Taiwanese who stormed through the first two rounds of democratic primary debates with 3 main ideas – Universal basic Income, Medicare for all, and human-centred capitalism.

Check out the above two clips.

And while it is not my business since i will be voting only in my own country, i noted how genuine he is. No, he is not the least bit interested in smearing other democrat candidates in order to move ahead. No, he could not care less about impressing voters with what he wears. Yes, he is every bit laser focused on solving the problems his country and the Earth is facing. And when he say “it’s not left, it’s not right, it’s forward.” you know he really mean it.

From a business perspective, Andrew Yang is in hyper-growth stage, having grown from less than 0.01% to now more than 3% of voters’ choice, including voters who identify themselves as democrat, republican or independent, and voters of all races. That’s a 300x improvement so far. And while i do not agree with everything he stands for, i would go as far as to say he will likely compound another 10x from here on out and win at least 30% of polls.

Andrew Yang has been so successful in winning voters’ hearts and minds, that even ex-vice-president Joe Biden, the Democrat’s supposed “best” chance at 2020, the one with the largest “market share”, has just openly convinced his voters that he is part of the Yang Gang, that he endorses Andrew Yang, although he was not able to present his perspectives in a basic manner. In fact, Joe Biden might have just set the stage for a final showdown between him and Andrew Yang.

Yes he copied the (mechanical) words, but he is not able to copy the essence (the heart and soul) of what Andrew Yang stands for.

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery; and if you read what Huey Yei wrote here, you would know the next phase – winning the dark horse’ game once the incumbent is forced to play an unfamiliar game where he no longer have advantages.

P.S. Yes, there are debates going on as to how the MATH adds up on UBI, check out this post and the comments too.

P.S.2 Check out the fun side of things, where even CNN’s 5th place Pete Buttigieg was impressed by Andrew Yang (is this an indication that Andrew Yang will climb to at least 10% of the polls?):

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