Cultural Shift

The world has truly undergone a profound change in just the last decade. We grow more and more comfortable staying in a stranger’s house, get onto a stranger’s car, bike sharing, pool delivery and the list goes on. There are many factors that enabled this phenomenon and had boosted significant economic activities around the world. […]

CM(G)I 2.0

History in the making. Consider the following two excerpts, written 17 years apart: First article, 10 December 2000, written by Saul Hansell from The New York Times: FIRST came the flashing video images. Then the dancers in psychedelic body paint, the New Age pianist, the opera singer in a white fur stole who descended on […]


What do you feel or think about when you see the word work? Excitement? Passion? Money? Meh? Depressed? God no it’s Monday again? Most of us spend about 80% of our active lifetime at work. That is if you disregard sleep time. We spend most of our time interacting with our colleagues, our clients, our […]

David vs Goliath

Top 6 Choices reported by CNN. Source: Vox. Who will be the big winner in the upcoming US elections? If you followed CNN, these are the top 6 choices they want you to see. i was for the past several months intrigued by this candidate in the 2020 US election and have been following the […]

Peek into the past

The reliance on historical data or trends is overwhelmingly high and in most cases resulting in high inaccuracies in forecasting the future when used blindly. So why do we still use historical data and depend on them so much? Why do we always look at a company’s financial statements, past 5 to 10 years annual […]