Looking Past the numbers

It is like a finger pointing away to the moon. Don’t concentrate on the finger, or you will miss all that heavenly glory. Most of the time, we look very closely and deeply into the financial numbers of companies to understand them. Their growth, their margins, the segments breakdowns, their foundations and their capital allocations. […]


Have you ever wondered, when you are amidst a festive crowd like this, “what socks are these people wearing?” i know. i know. We are quite “different”. No, we are not looking at “Socks” companies, nor were we looking at “Travel Adapters” companies when we posted about Old Gold here. i was making a point. […]


To master a blade is for the blade to become part of oneself. Not a mere physical extension of one’s arm, increasing its range and therefore deadliness but an extension of the mind where the blade moves before you think and you ponder if you are controlling the blade or is the blade guiding you. […]


Hearing with the stethoscope. Sensing of the pulse. Several timely incidents happened recently, including a discussion centred around the title (Cure symptoms or roots?) led by Huey Yei, and a bout of mild sickness, which inspired this post (please bear with my personal rant for the first part, there is a meaning to it and […]

How to Win

At each level of competition in any field, these are the critical factors that affect each level or the factor that determined the outcome of the competition. Level 1: If everyone starts out equal, at the lowest level, the one with talent usually wins. Level 2: When talents are equal, the one with better trained […]