Leader, CEO, Boss, President, Chairman, Captain. They often create massive impact on the team and the outcome. Lets talk about them.

The inspirational

The one that enables the team, holds spirits together when it mattered. Not the best in anything else but the more ordinary this leader is, the more inspiring to the rest of the team.

The one who kept fighting no matter what happens.

The Visionary

The one that could see far ahead of anyone else. Makes seemingly crazy decisions that everyone thought is doomed to fail.

“Trust me”

The Team Manager

Immensely capable, efficient, make sure everything is optimized and gets done.

The one who makes sure everything is fair and just, makes sure everyone can perform at their best condition.

The Genius

The one who can make anything, the innovator, the product wizard, the one that makes things others thought was impossible.

The one whom you look for

The Carry

The one who can single-handedly pull the team to victory.

The best do-er, turn over projects in one night, person that can take over 5 person’s job.

The Strategist

The one who got everything covered. The one who has a backup of a backup of a backup plan for any situations. The one that can help the team win even with little resources given.

These ain’t just leader types, these are traits and every leader will have multiple combination of traits. Some traits that they are stronger in and some which they are weaker in.

The best teams often do not consist of a single leader. They have multiple leaders that know when to take over when the time mattered. The visionary to set crazy goals, the inspirational to keep the team together when times are bleak, the genius who kept coming up with awesome ideas/products, the manager when things scales up, the carry to turn things around, the strategist who had everything planned out.

Life is a marathon and everything is in phases. Infant, growth, maturity, decline and back again. Different leader types or traits are more important in certain phases than the other. The right trait or the right composition of the team will highly enable them to perform at each phase.

Thank you for reading.

~ invent tomorrow

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