backward analysis

There are many selling points for a product and identifying the right selling point to the right consumer group is probably one of the most critical factor to determine success.

Lets talk cake.

The taste, the price, the look all plays a part in selling cakes. Different cake vendors may focus on a different part of it. Making the best quality cake, making the best tasting cake, the most value for money cake and etc…

How about kids birthday cake?

Have you ever celebrated a kid’s birthday? Have you ever bought a cake for a kid’s birthday? If you had, think about the decision factors and you will soon realise that all else does not matter other than the look of it (except for price).

You probably will not ask if the cake taste fabulous and the most important decision would be if the cake has a Pokemon print or a Baby Shark print.

So how about Nokia in its golden years then? Arguably, Nokia is the best selling phone in the world back then.

What are its best/most important selling points? Why did people buy Nokia?

Doing backward analysis, research and etc, we will very quickly come up with:

  • Because it is the best quality phone and value for money
  • It has super long battery liife
  • Durable and will not spoil when dropped

While all these are true and are fundamental to the usage and consumer satisfaction of Nokia phones, they are lacking the icing on the cake.

Travel yourself back 15-20 years ago and most probably you will find that the backward analysis does not match your purchase decision back then. Did you think whether the Nokia phone can survive a 20 foot drop and does not break when you get your Nokia Phone? Did the 1 week battery lifespan make a significant sway in your decision for Nokia phone from the others? (most probably not, as low gen phones all had quite good battery life anyway)

THIS is the reason why many people (especially in a particular demographics) had made the decision to get Nokia rather than any other phones.

Simply. Snake.

And probably the actual reason why Nokia died.


Thank you for reading.

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