East, West, Forward. Share Buybacks.

East meets West. Through many years of ongoing research on companies in Asia Pacific and Western economies, there seems to be two general school of thoughts, aptly the Eastern way and the Western way, which might be present in either of the two groups of economies. i.e. we can find the Eastern way in Western […]

The World Without

How lovely would it be if we could stop all the Ads around us? These useless, spam, annoying advertisements that clutter my news, makes me scroll more to find my friend’s post, disrupt my videos. No matter how many adblock we install, they will find a way in and onto our computer, phone and not […]

Cultural Shift

The world has truly undergone a profound change in just the last decade. We grow more and more comfortable staying in a stranger’s house, get onto a stranger’s car, bike sharing, pool delivery and the list goes on. There are many factors that enabled this phenomenon and had boosted significant economic activities around the world. […]

Frontier Investments

Since we are living in an age of business disruption, where unicorns are asset-light and fast moving compared to old traditional businesses still stuck at their old ways of doing things, should we as investors simply buy into the sexy stories regardless of valuations and sell-off these old and boring businesses now, while we can? […]

CM(G)I 2.0

History in the making. Consider the following two excerpts, written 17 years apart: First article, 10 December 2000, written by Saul Hansell from The New York Times: FIRST came the flashing video images. Then the dancers in psychedelic body paint, the New Age pianist, the opera singer in a white fur stole who descended on […]