Sword or Shield?

The Rune of Beginning, consists of the Black Sword Rune and the Bright Shield Rune. Are merger & acquisitions good or bad? Does it serve the interests of minority shareholders or not? Do we get all excited by the “new growth stories” and buy them up even at high valuations or do we treat companies […]


Leader, CEO, Boss, President, Chairman, Captain. They often create massive impact on the team and the outcome. Lets talk about them. The inspirational The one that enables the team, holds spirits together when it mattered. Not the best in anything else but the more ordinary this leader is, the more inspiring to the rest of […]

National Day Rally 2019

Discussing politics is usually difficult. Politics is difficult. You can’t please everyone in the room and so this article won’t either. I do not speak for any others apart from my own and therefore have personal biases due to my personal experience and environment. To get the full rally and transcript from the source visit: […]

Rock, Scissors, Paper

Nothing more than the concept of Rock, Scissors, Paper. One of the most important and widely used concept in most of the things that we experience. How does game studios kept coming up with games and content that keep everyone glued to their devices? How did a game like Starcraft lasted 20 years and still […]

Majulah Singapura

Happy 54th National Day Singapore! As we celebrated our nation’s birthday over the long weekend, i reflected on Singapore’s journey over the decades. Come to think of it, 54 years is really young for a country, and we’ve achieved much within this time against the hand we were dealt, growing from 3rd world to first […]