Organic Paradox

That moment before you “press the red button.” If you recognise this picture, it’s likely that you are a small business owner who have been using MailChimp to communicate with your fans and following, or you have received an email from MailChimp before. But did you know that MailChimp actually qualifies to be a Unicorn? […]

Annual General Meeting

As the season of the AGMs approached, I have mixed feelings attending them. The number one question I get on attending AGMs is, why even bother? What’s the point? I can read whatever they are going to say in the transcript and my vote is so small that it usually would not matter. Just go […]

Hunting a Rabbit

It seems like for thousand of years, the Rabbit is go-to animal for discussion on various subjects. We must have heard countless moral stories involving some sort of rabbits or hare and yet, we find ourselves constantly seeing people falling into the same mentality traps. — A young villager once saw a hunter shot an […]


This week we were honoured and privileged to be invited by Advisory to share our experience in the finance industry with the aspiring students of Hwa Chong Institution, who took time out of their critical mugging season to interact with us. We were greatly inspired by the humility and clean charisma of our fellow speakers […]

Love with Hate

The constant pursue for the perfect product is never ending. There isn’t one and thus there will always be competition, and thus options for consumers. And to be frank, there will never be one. So how should businesses pursue this “perfect” product? Let just use a cliche example to ease the discussion. Apple iPhone vs […]