Time & Patience

The world is in constant change and often we find ourselves being thrown into the next “age”, the next era without much notice. Suddenly, the things that we are used to and no longer there and we find ourselves constantly having to keep up with new innovation, new regulations, new way of doing things. well, […]

Kawhi-et Superstar

Kawhi Leonard is the best player in the NBA right now, for years he has proven himself to be “right up there” amongst the (current) top three players amongst Lebron James and Kevin Durant. And in carrying the Toronto Raptors to the pinnacle of the basketball world and clinching a Finals MVP award for the […]

The Dark Horse’s Game

How do most dark horses win? Facing up international champions, worldwide dominance, superiority in almost every aspect of the game. Simple, you don’t play their game. Make them play yours. In the case of the above classic, as long as you could drag out the rounds, you have a chance, a better chance. You force […]

Focused Paddling

This is the 5th year since Mr P was appointed as CEO of Company E. He was one of the early generals of the company and even spearheaded a new product category and brand in the 15 years he was with the company. However, because the founder went on an uncontrolled M&A streak and diversified […]

Unintended Mastery

Mastery arises when you perform an act over a million times. On the road to perfection, you often find that your mastery may not just depend on the act of shooting arrows. Making and tuning the perfect bow, the perfect string and the perfect arrow to go with your shooting style is often overlooked. Great […]