Unconventional Tale of Rabbit vs Tortoise

The classic tale of the Hare vs the Tortoise where slow and steady always wins the race. Given a choice to you, if both of them are companies to invest in, which will you choose? The confident speedy Hare or the slow and steady Tortoise? You know the answer yourself as conventional wisdom and media […]

World Best

Over the past 2 weeks, we have had the opportunity to meet up with the senior management from a few listed companies, one of which is Ginger, a serious long-term compounder. Since we’ve only briefly looked at this company so far, we shall also keep this article short and sweet. In its domestic market, Ginger […]

Partner Customer

There are many metrics that companies would like to hit and measure to determine how much have they “succeeded”. Customer satisfaction is one of the important metrics that companies actively look out for. It is akin to being rated 1 – 5 stars by your customers with 5 stars being the best. Of course, it […]

Fanatical Fanployees

What’s better than fanatical fans who goes all out of their ways to queue up for your products and services? Fanatical Fanployees. When the people you work with day in day out still queues up for the products they produce, you know something is definitely going right. Lets keep in mind that these are the […]

Mix and Match

Let’s go through a light-hearted mix-and-match activity to learn something today, please share your comment and answer via FB. Suppose you went to meet the management of 3 companies, and they look like this: A) Apologetic, forlorn. B) Brave, very confident. C) Charismatic, sexy. The Context as follows: A) Management shares that the economy is […]