Says a Thousand Words

We have a section in our 2 day class where we only showed pictures and asked our students to make certain judgements based on the pictures. While it is true that we should not judge a book by its covers and just looking at pictures alone is insufficient to pass a definitive judgement, the important […]

Enlightening Lunch

Had an enlightening lunch with a self-made fund manager, Mr N, who’s been through the ups and downs of the Asian Financial Crisis (1997), Dotcom Bubble Burst (2000), 911 (2001), Singapore Property Surplus (2003), Great Financial Crisis (2008), Thailand Flood (2011), China Meltdown (2015), and most recently the US-China Trade Tension (2018). Based on how […]

Secret Recipe

There are two types of businesses. One that thrives with a closely guarded secret and the other that shows it off. That’s crazy! Why would any business show off its setup, operations, preparation and executions? Wouldn’t a competitor just copy it? Why would a martial art teacher teach his class openly? Couldn’t anyone just stand […]

Elixir of Life

“Our workers feel safe and proud to feed their children with our healthier food.” – Founder We have been following Company Longevity for more than 2 years now, it is a food company of a unique heritage. It is run by the 2nd generation family owner, whom we believe is the adopted son of the […]


Have you ever seen a martial art uniform being thrown around after use? How about tools and equipment? A great carpenter never throws a hammer, a great mechanic never throws a wrench around, a great chef never throws a knife. These are what makes them their living. When a person/company takes pride in their products, […]