商略莫过于兵法。Business strategies can mostly be derived from the Art of War.















I shall attempt to translate:

General HAN had successfully taken down Country ZHAO despite all odds. ZHAO could have won if they had taken the advice of Advisor LEE.

Upon capture of Advisor LEE, HAN released LEE and praised him for his wise tactics and strategies. “If ZHAO had not been corrupted and had listened to your advice, I would have been the one in chains now”

HAN then took LEE under his care and wanted to continue his winning streak against Country YAN and Country QI. As HAN seeked LEE’s advice, LEE said “you have established your reputation and prowess by defeating the great ZHAO in such a short time which is your greatest strength now. However, your weakness now is your soldiers are tired and unsuitable to fight a war that requires a long march.”

“Rest your army now. And instead use this overwhelming news and your battlefield reputation, to send a scout to Country YAN and talk them into surrender”

HAN did exactly that and Country YAN surrendered. With the advise of LEE, HAN took down YAN without losing a single soldier.

Company A
Company B

Lets take a look at these two companies which did almost the same thing but had different results.

Both companies launched the next iteration of their products which turned out to be less than ground breaking and did not met public expectations of what their products could have been. Both companies also kept a surprise product to show off at their launch event.

However, Company A took a huge dive and got hammered with their less than expectation product launch with most of the public slamming them on their sub par product release. Its surprise product wasn’t even being noticed as consumers were too fixated on what was disappointing to them.

On the other hand, Company B (which launched their products 1 week later) decided to launch their “sub par expectations” product in a nontraditional way. It is not so much that their share price rose, but the fact that public had not given them much slam for their less than expectations products. With their unexpected way of product release, the public are being caught by surprise and the company had successfully manage to divert attention away from their short comings.

遮短 (cover up short comings)

Not only did this help to mitigate their sub par product release, they made time and used their short comings to prep for a surprise product which then drove up anticipation and coverage of their event.

Now, we shall wait on how they would 扬长 (flaunt/ride on their advantage).

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~ 己欲立而立人,己欲达而达人,己所不欲,勿施于人

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