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Invest in long-term Winners,

Run by Honest Management, at Sustainable Valuations.

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Servant Leadership

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We Are

Long-term investors alongside admirable managers and companies that consciously add value to society.

Jackson Yeow, CFA

FOUNDER/ Illuminator

Jackson is an equity researcher and investor. He was previously with a boutique fund where he gained invaluable experience and insights in investment analysis and portfolio management through his on-the-ground interaction with founders and senior management of listed businesses in Asia Pacific, covering Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Japan, China and India.

“Some of the key questions he ask  Why does this business exist? How does it contribute to society?

We do

Our Work

INVESTMENT RESEARCH: We work hard year round to research and uncover real, value-adding businesses run by honest management, and invest in them in our own capacity as long-term investors. We seek like-minded management, and we consciously align our interests with their valuations.

TRAIN: We train corporations, institutional investors, mom-and-pop investors and entrepreneurs on the sustainable investment process to seek long-term winners and avoid financial time-bombs. This is purely educational training.

UPLIFT: We share what we can with the community in hope that fellow investors may collectively shine light onto high-quality businesses that truly make a positive difference to society. This way, more companies may be encouraged to do good and improve.
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I have been to other courses and found myself bored or sleepy and uncomfortable. Jackson made the class engaging, cosy, interesting and make me want to learn more, more, more. I see that he uphold values and principles at a very high level and hence earned my trust in him and his grounded methods.

Adeline Wong
- Financial Planner

I enjoyed the part where Jackson guided us to go through the numbers of various companies, and using what we learned to decipher the quality of the companies i.e. worthy to look deeper or shelf it. The exercise built my confidence to look at companies on my own in the future.

Deeply appreciate your willingness to share wholeheartedly. I benefited a lot and look forward to grow further with your guidance.

Ang Hao Zhi
- Business Development

Lifelong Assets is very unique, the content is different from mainstream programs (or get rich quicker programs). Jackson doesn’t give tips, or case studies for me to invest in immediately, he used case studies to teach us “how to fish”.

I have been investing for more than 5 years, and his concept of identifying long-term value compounders has definitely added another layer of filter to my framework.

Because of this, I feel more confident to invest beyond the Singapore shores and look for high-quality businesses overseas.

Andy Ang
- Wealth Consultant, Private Investor


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