Meaningful Work

Does the management (the human-looking beings) you invest with place your interests at heart, or are they there just to make more fame, power and money for themselves? Better yet, do they attempt to show and tell you that they always place your interests first, and yet seem to do something else altogether? Whenever it […]

HoloLens 2 The number of hardware product innovations and industries required to just enable this one product. Material Audio Optics Processer Battery


Is “ONLINE” a disruption? Is “OFFLINE” dead? What do people think of online vs offline models? More importantly, can businesses afford NOT to go online? Online is just another channel Online is not disruption in its entirety. Cheaper, better, faster, more choices is not just due to the “online economy”. People have been advancing for […]

Follow The Guiding Light

Follow that rainbow – go ride it. Not all will be rich; quite a few will find a vein of gold – dig it up. Lee Kuan Yew Our Founding Father Would like to share this inspiring speech by our founding father, and the values our founding generation embodies. The video is produced, owned and […]