First Who then What

Applying the wisdom of First Who then What in investing is as such – In most investment thesis, investors tend to focus on what is the strategy to achieve growth, what are the businesses’ strengths and weaknesses, and what will management do with the cash flow generated from their business etc. These are critical questions […]

No Fear

In late July, Howard Marks, a highly regarded US fund manager, shared his views on the current market conditions, I strongly urge you to read his entire letter to understand the gravity of the situation, however, I shall share the summary here anyway. In his memo, he shared his observation of the current market conditions […]

Slow Down Take a Breath

Recently, I was at an investors’ gathering where fund managers, investment analysts and full-time investors meet once every two months, and some peers shared with me how they wished they had took their time in deploying their funds when they first started as they would probably have performed better had they bought more during market […]

Special Sauce

The ordinary and simple oyster sauce and soy sauce that our mothers added to their lovingly cooked food to enhance the flavours as we were growing up, the same seemingly boring sauces that were right in front of our eyes that we took for granted for decades. Who would have known that the Lee Kum […]


How can we discover worthwhile companies out of thousands of companies in the world? July 2016, a worldwide phenomenon happened that few people would not have known. You could see people standing around under the hot sun, gathering at cafes and malls, the parks and gardens are suddenly full. That phenomenon, of course, refers to […]