Living a Legacy

20 years ago, our founding father shares Singapore’s perspective on the root of the then-current 1997-98 Asian Financial Crisis at Baker Institute – a quick rise of foreign short-term debt to initiate long-term infrastructure projects in relatively closed economies that were not ready to handle such a huge influx of foreign capital. This huge […]


The most basic rule of business is to “Do It Yourself”. Consider this company, “Company Gummy“, at the height of its business, they faced a critical point where expanding to a new product segment is paramount to its growth. (Consider the likes of Computer companies evolving into producing Laptops from the Desktop era, if they […]

The Long Way, Faster

Shareholders were swooned by the CEO’s charisma, obvious capabilities, and high ambitions – surely the perfect concoction for a winning investment? Q1) Does a dominant market share mean a business has a strong moat and is infallible? Q2) Does having the courage to expand overseas mean a business has a long runway to grow? Healthcare […]

Blessed to Serve

Over the first weekend of 2019, we successfully concluded our Lifelong Assets Class! We are highly blessed to be of service to our community. May we all shine our light ever brighter this 2019! We are humbled by our friends’ continued support despite their deep investing experience – this is a class that caters to […]