Ultimate Alignment

If you are an entrepreneur who just started out to forge your own business from the very ground up, how would you pay yourself? Or how can you pay yourself? Simply, “I would only eat if my business makes any money” That will be the reality of starting any business. And it seems clear and […]

Quiet Courage

A beautiful reminder from Mary Ann Radmacher. If you look very closely at a caterpillar, you might notice there is nothing about it that tells you what it can become. And while the transformation from a cute and cuddly crawler to a beautiful butterfly sounds like a fairy tale come true, the process is anything […]

Cheaper Better Faster

Re-writing a scene that occurred about 6 years ago in ordinary everyday lives. On how businesses need to seek continuous improvement to become Cheaper, Better, Faster or risk being retired from their own industry. Do bear with me as the images are blur but it was once considered good quality at that point in time. […]

Live Your Truth

To the aspiring heartful entreprenuers, the inspiring owner founders, the professional with owners’ mindset – Thank you for being an inpiration to us. Thank you for your living your truth, thank you for climbing your mountain. May you draw inspirations from Kyle Maynard to keep moving forward, one step at a time. For fellow investors, […]

The Only Way to DOMINATE

How can a business survive for decades or centuries in a sea of competitors? As I look at more and more of such examples, and kept asking the question “why?”, the answer became extremely clear. You need a product which consumers believe in, grow with and most importantly, derive more value than they are paying […]