Relentless Tenacity

Tenacity. Beijing Olympics 2008 Su Li Wen (Taipei) was at her bronze medal round against Croatia. However, her left knee was badly damaged from her previous round against her South Korea opponent (whom went on to take Gold). Throughout her last fight on the global stage, her damaged knee gave up on her multiple times. […]


Presentation. Something that is part and parcel of how businesses sell their products. If you were to sell your products to your customers, how would you present it? What is the thought process of presenting it the way that you do? Not just in the presentation of an advertisement like the one above, but down […]

The Outliers

What if we have twice the number of successful long-term businesses in our economy? In The Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell sought to de-mystify the factors that led to great success in the lives of Bill Gates (Co-founder of Microsoft), Bill Joy (Father of Java and co-founder of Sun Microsystems), Steve Jobs (Co-founder of Apple), Eric Schmidt […]

Like A Boss

A casual piece on a not so casual day of AGM. I had the pleasure of attending Company Rhombus’s AGM recently and was pleasantly surprised that it took me almost 5 hours. Also, I had the honour of listening to a particularly wise individual shareholder who made the 5 hours possible. Seldom would we see […]