Cheaper Better Faster

Re-writing a scene that occurred about 6 years ago in ordinary everyday lives. On how businesses need to seek continuous improvement to become Cheaper, Better, Faster or risk being retired from their own industry. Do bear with me as the images are blur but it was once considered good quality at that point in time. […]

Live Your Truth

To the aspiring heartful entreprenuers, the inspiring owner founders, the professional with owners’ mindset – Thank you for being an inpiration to us. Thank you for your living your truth, thank you for climbing your mountain. May you draw inspirations from Kyle Maynard to keep moving forward, one step at a time. For fellow investors, […]

The Only Way to DOMINATE

How can a business survive for decades or centuries in a sea of competitors? As I look at more and more of such examples, and kept asking the question “why?”, the answer became extremely clear. You need a product which consumers believe in, grow with and most importantly, derive more value than they are paying […]

The Highest Form of Intelligence

The highest form of intelligence is observing without evaluating. When we learn to see beyond our eyes’ limitations… Quite a deep contemplation, hope you enjoy this. P.S a couple of months back a student asked me “how is it that with just one qualitative look you know which management character to zero in on, and […]

The Happiest Office

Whenever a Gong is sounded, the entire building cheered and clapped. Employees walk around wearing lanyards pinned with colourful and smiley badges. A recruitment interview room designed to be like a Talent Show setting with a 3-judge table and bright bulbs that light up showing “WE WANT YOU!!” if the interviewee passes. Walk into this […]