The Best Secrets

Many of us pursue the chase of uncovering secrets, hidden formulas, success techniques. If we could learn and obtain these, we would be on our fast track to success, to build a bigger business, to essentially win. A young apprentice once asked the grand master: “I have learned from you for many years, why can’t […]

OFFLINE Network/Platform Effect

“Network/Platform effect” has been the hot keyword in the recent decades especially among the Startups, Venture Capitalists, Technology Innovators and Disruptors. They gave rise to many giant businesses: Facebook, Youtube, Grab, Uber, AirBnB and many others. Simply, additional Users to the platform, brings more benefit to it. Facebook: More friends that are on it brings […]

The Happiest Office

Whenever a Gong is sounded, the entire building cheered and clapped. Employees walk around wearing lanyards pinned with colourful and smiley badges. A recruitment interview room designed to be like a Talent Show setting with a 3-judge table and bright bulbs that light up showing “WE WANT YOU!!” if the interviewee passes. Walk into this […]

Growth at All Costs? (Part 2)

Continued from Growth at ALL Costs (Part 1)… Increasing Interest Rates Meanwhile, in separate reports by western media, strong U.S. data, rising commodity prices, increasing wage pressures and aggressive monetary-tightening policies combined to push treasury yields to cycle-highs, and global bonds are sold down significantly. A chief economist puts it neatly: “Interest-rate risk hits all […]