The Dark Horse’s Game

How do most dark horses win? Facing up international champions, worldwide dominance, superiority in almost every aspect of the game. Simple, you don’t play their game. Make them play yours. In the case of the above classic, as long as you could drag out the rounds, you have a chance, a better chance. You force […]

Unintended Mastery

Mastery arises when you perform an act over a million times. On the road to perfection, you often find that your mastery may not just depend on the act of shooting arrows. Making and tuning the perfect bow, the perfect string and the perfect arrow to go with your shooting style is often overlooked. Great […]

You know you are winning when…

thousands of hours of practice finally puts you at the starting line. you have done all that can be done, and even those that seemed couldn’t. You were ready, more than ready, in fact, you were ready the day you put on the team shirt 10 years ago. however, standing in line beside are people […]

Unconventional Tale of Rabbit vs Tortoise

The classic tale of the Hare vs the Tortoise where slow and steady always wins the race. Given a choice to you, if both of them are companies to invest in, which will you choose? The confident speedy Hare or the slow and steady Tortoise? You know the answer yourself as conventional wisdom and media […]

Partner Customer

There are many metrics that companies would like to hit and measure to determine how much have they “succeeded”. Customer satisfaction is one of the important metrics that companies actively look out for. It is akin to being rated 1 – 5 stars by your customers with 5 stars being the best. Of course, it […]