National Day Rally 2019

Discussing politics is usually difficult. Politics is difficult. You can’t please everyone in the room and so this article won’t either. I do not speak for any others apart from my own and therefore have personal biases due to my personal experience and environment. To get the full rally and transcript from the source visit: […]

Rock, Scissors, Paper

Nothing more than the concept of Rock, Scissors, Paper. One of the most important and widely used concept in most of the things that we experience. How does game studios kept coming up with games and content that keep everyone glued to their devices? How did a game like Starcraft lasted 20 years and still […]

Annual General Meeting

As the season of the AGMs approached, I have mixed feelings attending them. The number one question I get on attending AGMs is, why even bother? What’s the point? I can read whatever they are going to say in the transcript and my vote is so small that it usually would not matter. Just go […]


Thought to write about this since July 2018, finally it might be timely to do so… Source: CNA Since 2011, potential homebuyers and homeowners have been continually impacted by cooling measures the authorities implemented. Round after round, year after year, to no sign of these measures being called off. Many have sounded their unhappiness, having […]

The Dark Horse’s Game

How do most dark horses win? Facing up international champions, worldwide dominance, superiority in almost every aspect of the game. Simple, you don’t play their game. Make them play yours. In the case of the above classic, as long as you could drag out the rounds, you have a chance, a better chance. You force […]