Planned Obsolescence

Obsolescence are inevitable part of economic and technological advancement. Planned obsolescence is illegal (in some countries), but lets look at how some products blur the lines of planned obsolescence. One of the most famous hobby company, Wizards of the Coast, produces the world most popular table top game: Magic the Gathering. They design and print […]


Presentation. Something that is part and parcel of how businesses sell their products. If you were to sell your products to your customers, how would you present it? What is the thought process of presenting it the way that you do? Not just in the presentation of an advertisement like the one above, but down […]

The Long Way, Faster

Shareholders were swooned by the CEO’s charisma, obvious capabilities, and high ambitions – surely the perfect concoction for a winning investment? Q1) Does a dominant market share mean a business has a strong moat and is infallible? Q2) Does having the courage to expand overseas mean a business has a long runway to grow? Healthcare […]