Role Model

A carry trade investment is one where investors borrow money at a low interest rates to invest in equities to provide a higher return. Such strategies usually work during periods of easy monetary policies when interest rates are expected to be low. After the knee-jerk reactions from the capital markets in February that possibly came […]

My Precious

A service-based company and is another dream come true for value investors – it has a “strong economic moat” in terms of very sticky relationships with its clients, where multi-years deals were often inked in a regulated industry with “high barriers”, it has consistently high profit margins and the management has a “proven track record” with […]

Determined Finisher

Long-Term Winner Award A second-generation healthcare service business which was founded by Mr K more than 60 Years ago amidst extreme economic conditions. The foundation of this unique healthcare specialist was laid decades ago when Mr K’s mother passed away when he was just 18 months young. Due to the financial hardships the family was […]

Special Sauce

The ordinary and simple oyster sauce and soy sauce that our mothers added to their lovingly cooked food to enhance the flavours as we were growing up, the same seemingly boring sauces that were right in front of our eyes that we took for granted for decades. Who would have known that the Lee Kum […]