Kawhi-et Superstar

Kawhi Leonard is the best player in the NBA right now, for years he has proven himself to be “right up there” amongst the (current) top three players amongst Lebron James and Kevin Durant. And in carrying the Toronto Raptors to the pinnacle of the basketball world and clinching a Finals MVP award for the […]

Enlightening Lunch

Had an enlightening lunch with a self-made fund manager, Mr N, who’s been through the ups and downs of the Asian Financial Crisis (1997), Dotcom Bubble Burst (2000), 911 (2001), Singapore Property Surplus (2003), Great Financial Crisis (2008), Thailand Flood (2011), China Meltdown (2015), and most recently the US-China Trade Tension (2018). Based on how […]

Functional Products

There are many types of products produced/ invented by millions of companies. Some stood the test of time, some don’t. Companies constantly have to outthink and outdo competitor’s products or their own products to survive in the market. Many hope to lure consumers with marketing prowess, promotion lures but few could retain loyal customers in […]

Product Character

There are plenty of discussion on product quality, QAQC and etc. However, one very important factor is also product character. The katana is a perfect example of what product character entails. The 刃紋 or Hamon (blade pattern) of a katana could only be achieved by a hand process and no two hamon would be exactly […]

The Infinite Game

Simon Sinek first burst into the limelight with his Ted Talk “Start with Why”, before continuing to spread his idea of Leading an Infinite Game vs mistakenly Playing the Finite Game. https://youtu.be/_osKgFwKoDQ?t=1200 To briefly summarise, a finite game is when there is a known set of rules, a known goal and known players – Company […]