The Highest Form of Intelligence

The highest form of intelligence is observing without evaluating. When we learn to see beyond our eyes’ limitations… Quite a deep contemplation, hope you enjoy this. P.S a couple of months back a student asked me “how is it that with just one qualitative look you know which management character to zero in on, and […]

The Happiest Office

Whenever a Gong is sounded, the entire building cheered and clapped. Employees walk around wearing lanyards pinned with colourful and smiley badges. A recruitment interview room designed to be like a Talent Show setting with a 3-judge table and bright bulbs that light up showing “WE WANT YOU!!” if the interviewee passes. Walk into this […]

No Fear

In late July, Howard Marks, a highly regarded US fund manager, shared his views on the current market conditions, I strongly urge you to read his entire letter to understand the gravity of the situation, however, I shall share the summary here anyway. In his memo, he shared his observation of the current market conditions […]