Majulah Singapura

Happy 54th National Day Singapore! As we celebrated our nation’s birthday over the long weekend, i reflected on Singapore’s journey over the decades. Come to think of it, 54 years is really young for a country, and we’ve achieved much within this time against the hand we were dealt, growing from 3rd world to first […]

Lenticular Design

Businesses always face a difficult challenge in winning market share from competitors. Product design is more often than not, the dilemma. Should the product be simple enough so that it is easily adopted? Or should my product be catered to the “pro” users who can use it to the maximum potential? However, if the product […]

Organic Paradox

That moment before you “press the red button.” If you recognise this picture, it’s likely that you are a small business owner who have been using MailChimp to communicate with your fans and following, or you have received an email from MailChimp before. But did you know that MailChimp actually qualifies to be a Unicorn? […]


This week we were honoured and privileged to be invited by Advisory to share our experience in the finance industry with the aspiring students of Hwa Chong Institution, who took time out of their critical mugging season to interact with us. We were greatly inspired by the humility and clean charisma of our fellow speakers […]

Kawhi-et Superstar

Kawhi Leonard is the best player in the NBA right now, for years he has proven himself to be “right up there” amongst the (current) top three players amongst Lebron James and Kevin Durant. And in carrying the Toronto Raptors to the pinnacle of the basketball world and clinching a Finals MVP award for the […]