The most basic rule of business is to “Do It Yourself”. Consider this company, “Company Gummy“, at the height of its business, they faced a critical point where expanding to a new product segment is paramount to its growth. (Consider the likes of Computer companies evolving into producing Laptops from the Desktop era, if they […]

The Long Way, Faster

Shareholders were swooned by the CEO’s charisma, obvious capabilities, and high ambitions – surely the perfect concoction for a winning investment? Q1) Does a dominant market share mean a business has a strong moat and is infallible? Q2) Does having the courage to expand overseas mean a business has a long runway to grow? Healthcare […]

The Best Secrets

Many of us pursue the chase of uncovering secrets, hidden formulas, success techniques. If we could learn and obtain these, we would be on our fast track to success, to build a bigger business, to essentially win. A young apprentice once asked the grand master: “I have learned from you for many years, why can’t […]

Founding Principles

Remember your founding principles. Are the businesses you invest in playing to “win”, to “beat the quarter” or to “self-actualise” the purpose of why they are in business? A very big difference because any management playing to “win” and “beat the quarter” may be tempted to do anything to achieve their (real and unstated) goals, […]

Work Life Play Integration

Ancient textbook case study that I came across probably 17 years ago. What makes a business ticks at its Core? It wasn’t until very much later that I managed to understand a concept slightly deeper. Many of us won’t even be able to finish the video in its entirety. (I hope you do) Something that […]