Meaningful Work

Does the management (the human-looking beings) you invest with place your interests at heart, or are they there just to make more fame, power and money for themselves? Better yet, do they attempt to show and tell you that they always place your interests first, and yet seem to do something else altogether? Whenever it […]

Relentless Tenacity

Tenacity. Beijing Olympics 2008 Su Li Wen (Taipei) was at her bronze medal round against Croatia. However, her left knee was badly damaged from her previous round against her South Korea opponent (whom went on to take Gold). Throughout her last fight on the global stage, her damaged knee gave up on her multiple times. […]


The most basic rule of business is to “Do It Yourself”. Consider this company, “Company Gummy“, at the height of its business, they faced a critical point where expanding to a new product segment is paramount to its growth. (Consider the likes of Computer companies evolving into producing Laptops from the Desktop era, if they […]