Are Arcades Alive?

Not like this. Arcades have been fading out of style over the decades due to many reasons. Technology advances bringing games into our living rooms, slower game releases/ limited choices/ refreshment of games at the arcades (compared to computer/consoles), exorbitant pricing. But most importantly, most did not change with change itself. Gone are the days […]

What do you think

Company “Health” has been producing their core product for 20+ years. With consistent refreshment of their core product, it has been relatively stable and increasing over the years. In 2001 (not shown above), they broke into an entirely new market with their New Product A which gave them a huge boost. You can see that […]

Planned Obsolescence

Obsolescence are inevitable part of economic and technological advancement. Planned obsolescence is illegal (in some countries), but lets look at how some products blur the lines of planned obsolescence. One of the most famous hobby company, Wizards of the Coast, produces the world most popular table top game: Magic the Gathering. They design and print […]

Meaningful Work

Does the management (the human-looking beings) you invest with place your interests at heart, or are they there just to make more fame, power and money for themselves? Better yet, do they attempt to show and tell you that they always place your interests first, and yet seem to do something else altogether? Whenever it […]